Get started with practising DevSecOps today for secure and stable operations

What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is an abbreviation for Development, Security, and Operations. Whereas DevOps focuses on developers taking responsibility for the reliability of the operations, DevSecOps emphasises that developers also must take responsibility for secure operations. To sum up, DevSecOps applies the mindset of DevOps to security.

The challenge in most traditional development teams is that security is often the responsibility of a specific person or a security team. This model has worked in many companies when our IT landscape was considerably more simple than it is today.

While security used to be associated with having a firewall, modern application architecture contains a larger variety of attack vectors, leading to an increased risk of being targeted. This places higher demands on security within companies to maintain a secure and stable operation. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate security into all phases of software development and operations. That is the essence of DevSecOps.

Why adopt a DevSecOps mindset?

The DevSecOps approach utilises automated security tools that help developers make the right decisions regarding increased security. By implementing the right types of automation tools, developers can easily be alerted to necessary measures to maintain continuous secure operations.

Examples of how automation tools can contribute to a strong security culture:

  1. Third-party dependency vulnerability scanning.
  2. Static code analysis: Assists developers in making secure coding choices.
  3. Static analysis of Infrastructure-as-Code.

Get started with practising DevSecOps today for secure and stable operations

At Tech Chapter, our DevSecOps consultants have extensive experience in implementing a wide range of automation tools that can contribute to secure and stable operations. Based on your company’s unique needs, our consultants can help identify threats and vulnerabilities in your current security setup and assist in implementing the best security practices. We have experience implementing the following tools throughout various stages of the DevOps cycle to promote a strong security culture:

Tech Chapter’s DevSecOps experts can assist you in implementing following security tools:

Get advice from our DevSecOps Consultans

Tech Chapter’s DevSecOps consultants are here to answer any questions you may have about setting up a good security practice and how we can best help you achieve a more secure and stable operation through automated security tools. Contact us today to learn more!