What is DevOps?

DevOps is a combination of the words “Development” and “Operations”. DevOps is the practice of integrating development and operations teams to accelerate delivery speed, minimise errors, and ensure reliable and secure software delivery.

When development and operations are united, both teams learn from each other. Developers gain knowledge about operations, while operations staff acquire coding skills. This is crucial because code is a fundamental requirement for enabling infrastructure automation. Therefore, by bringing development and operations together, we can create a more efficient and effective working environment for all involved parties.

How Does DevOps Work in Practice?

There are different ways to implement DevOps in practice.

  1. It can involve merging operations and development teams.
  2. A DevOps team can act as a bridge between operations and development, typically in large organisations.
  3. Developers can be integrated into operations teams.

In DevOps, adopting agile principles, including continuous delivery, is crucial. The main goal is to minimise the time taken for code changes - from the start of a task to its completion. This approach results in faster delivery and quicker time-to-market. Additionally, it allows for more frequent iterations and feedback, which contributes to continuous learning.

What Are the Benefits of Using DevOps?

Automated Infrastructure: The key to automating infrastructure is coding the infrastructure. Different forms of standards such as coding standards and naming conventions will be introduced as part of this process.

Efficient Deployment: Once the infrastructure is coded, scaling and implementing changes become more efficient and can be rolled out faster. Greater Reliability & Security: This aspect improves the reliability and security of coded infrastructure.

Improved Collaboration: By documenting and coding the infrastructure, opportunities are opened for broader collaboration in areas that have previously been limited to a team or person. Additionally, it leads to the optimisation of work processes and improved product delivery.

Examples of DevOps Tools, Processes & Principles:


  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Kanban



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How can Tech Chapter help you in relation to DevOps?

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