Future-proof your CI/CD pipelines with Dagger.io

What is Dagger.io?

Dagger is a recently launched tool that enables the creation of CI/CD pipelines as code. It allows you to write pipelines in your preferred programming language and execute them as a standard OCI container. The tool was developed by Solomon Hykes, the founder of Docker, along with co-founders Sam Alba and Andrea Luzzardi. Additionally, Dagger is free and open-source and has already gained significant traction.

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Future-Proof Your CI/CD Pipelines with Dagger.io

Dagger is a tool designed for “application delivery as code”. It enables you to write your CI/CD pipelines in a new and more efficient way, making them more flexible and portable. By opting in to the ”Dagger way," you can quickly and efficiently transfer your CI systems without the need to modify your pipelines.

How to Use Dagger:

Read more in our blog post on how to streamline your CI/CD pipeline with Dagger.

Advantages of Using Dagger:

  • Portable Pipelines: Once Dagger is implemented, it no longer matters where your pipeline is run. This also means you can easily and quickly switch from, for example, Jenkins to GitHub Actions, or other similar CI systems without any hassle.

  • Compatibility: Execution of pipelines is fully done as standard OCI containers. This means the Dagger engine can run on top of any container runtime (e.g., Docker or containerd).

  • Future-Proof: By making your CI pipelines portable, you will always be able to use any future underlying application automation platform.

  • Universal Caching: By caching all steps in your Dagger pipeline, you can speed-up your CI/CD runtime by up to 100%.

  • Instant Local Testing: As Dagger runs in standard OCI containers, it enables developers to test their code locally.


How Tech Chapter Can Help You Get Started with Dagger.io

At Tech Chapter, we provide tailor-made training programs that equip you and your team to write and implement Dagger pipelines. Our consultants are also ready to help you set up your Dagger Engine on the specific application automation platform you are using.

Contact us today to hear more about how Tech Chapter can assist you and your company with Dagger.io.