Argo CD

Achieve seamless and automated application delivery with Argo CD’s GitOps platform.

What is Argo CD?

Argo CD is a declarative GitOps Continuous Delivery tool used to Orchestrate Kubernetes resources, including containerized applications, routers, secrets etc. Argo CD leverages the GitOps principle of Versioned and Immutable by enforcing a pull-based state from a version-controlled repository like GitHub. The advantage of using a familiar version control repository is that it empowers developers to optimize and ensure the quality of resources in a Kubernetes cluster, as they are already familiar with the interface.

Argo CD can be used to deploy various types of configurations, including plain Kubernetes manifests, Helm Charts, and Kustomize manifests.

The illustration below demonstrates how Argo CD can help in achieving higher security levels and increased stability of individual Kubernetes clusters. Argo CD also enables managing user access, shielding developers from direct access to the cluster through CLI and other tools. This enhances security while ensuring a Single Source of Truth, which makes it easier to perform rollbacks and canary deployments.

Argo CD Architecture

How can Tech Chapter help you get started with Argo CD?

Tech Chapter’s DevOps consultants have extensive hands-on experience in setting up and configuring Argo CD and other Kubernetes tools. Our DevOps consultants can assist your team in ensuring a smooth and seamless transition to Argo CD along with a fast and efficient setup.

As part of our service catalogue, we offer training and support to your development teams in Argo CD, ensuring that you always have the necessary knowledge and skills to leverage Argo CD’s functionalities.

Other Alternatives to Argo CD

At Tech Chapter, our DevOps consultants also have experience with Argo CD’s alternative, Flux CD, which is also part of the GitOps family. In addition to our expertise in GitOps tools, we can also provide competencies in other Continuous Delivery tools such as Jenkins and Github Actions.