Argo CD Workshop

Become an expert in deploying applications securely and efficiently. This workshop will teach you Best Practices within Argo CD using GitOps principles, which is essential knowledge for any developer. By attending this workshop, you will gain valuable skills, including how to use Argo CD Patterns and Secure Kubernetes control plane.

GitOps and Argo CD workshop for Developers

This workshop provides you with the skills to work independently with the most popular continuous deployment pipeline for Kubernetes: Argo CD! Upon completing the workshop, you will be able to master the implementation of Argo CD applications in your GitOps-based deployment pipeline.

Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, you will acquire the skills to be able to implement Argo CD patterns and maintain a secure Kubernetes control plane. This will help eliminate the need for developers to directly access Kubernetes, which typically requires extensive training.

Course Details:

Who is the workshop for?:

  • Developers with a basic understanding of Kubernetes (K8s) and continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD).
  • Experienced developers who wish to delve into advanced continuous deployment and delivery methods, as well as GitOps principles.

Duration & Date:

1 day (6 hours excluding breaks) or as agreed upon.

Course Objectives:

Upon completing the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of GitOps, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment (CI/CD).
  • Set up and configure Argo CD for application deployment.
  • Establish and maintain a high level of security for Kubernetes and the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Develop and maintain efficient and consistent workflows using GitOps and Argo CD’s patterns and best practices.

Workshop Content:

Introduction to GitOps and Argo CD:

  • Explanation of GitOps and its CI/CD variations and their benefits.
  • Overview of Argo CD and comparisons with alternative products such as Flux and Jenkins.
  • Installation and configuration of Argo CD in your Kubernetes cluster.

Argo CD Basics:

  • Creation and configuration of application deployment in Argo CD.
  • Introduction to Argo CD’s web interface and dashboards, etc.

Argo CD Patterns:

  • Utilisation of Declarative GitOps for consistent application configuration.
  • Deployment strategies such as Blue-Green and Canary with Argo CD.
  • Implementation of rollbacks and disaster recovery.
  • Monitoring and operation of applications with Argo CD.

Security and Compliance with Argo CD:

  • Implementation of user management and access control.
  • Secure handling of secrets and other sensitive data.
  • Automated scanning of container images for vulnerabilities before deployment.

Practical Exercises: Throughout the workshop, there will be a strong emphasis on hands-on exercises to get practical experience with your new knowledge.

Location: Our workshops are all offered as both webinars and on-site sessions at your workplace.

Price: To receive a quote for the course, you can provide the number of participants and any desired content preferences, and we will get back to you with a price estimate. Our consultants are always available to answer questions or provide guidance regarding our courses. Contact us today to learn more!